June 22, 2018

BAM! We’ve Got New Beauty Products Just For You!

After much planning and anticipation, the team at Anderson Plastic Surgery and MedSpa is excited to announce that we have added Dallas-based BAM beauty products to our collection of luxury skincare and makeup items. Founded by renowned Dallas attorney and beauty enthusiast Mora Namdar, BAM has its first beauty bar in Uptown Dallas that offers a variety of beauty services, from blowouts and makeovers to brow and lash grooming. In addition to its brick-and-mortar location, BAM has its very own makeup line -- and that’s where we come in. Anderson MedSpa is proud to be the first location in Fort Worth to offer these awesome products.
May 1, 2018

Vaginal Rejuvenation: A New Wave in Plastic Surgery

In recent years, fashion magazines and beauty blogs have been buzzing about a new trend in plastic surgery: the “designer vagina.” Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have raved about their results from nonsurgical and surgical vaginal procedures. And, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), labiaplasty is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world, with the number of labiaplasty procedures performed spiking more than 200 percent since 2012.
April 3, 2018

Venus Legacy: A Comfortable, Non-Invasive Option for Body Contouring

According to a 2015 survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), 88 percent of people are bothered by excess weight. And, a recent study by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery showed that liposuction is the second most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States and continues to gain in popularity. While liposuction is a popular option for body contouring, there are also several non-invasive body contouring options available today that minimize risk, cost and downtime for patients.
March 9, 2018

Mwah! Get Oh-So-Kissable Lips with Lip Fillers at Anderson MedSpa

Ever look in the mirror and feel frustrated by thinning lips? Or wish you had a more voluptuous, come-hither pout? It may be time to consider lip injections.
January 23, 2018

SkinMedica’s Solution for Younger, Healthier Skin: Vitalize and Rejuvenize Peels

Want smooth, radiant looking skin? SkinMedica chemical peels can work similarly to a reset button for your skin. A chemical peel aims to accelerate skin exfoliation, which results in renewed, healthier looking skin and more uniform complexion. At Anderson Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we can treat mild-to-severe skin imperfections with our new SkinMedica Vitalize and Rejuvenize Peels.
January 5, 2018

5 Reasons We Loved Hosting Our December BeautyBash

On December 7th, the team at Anderson Plastic Surgery & MedSpa hosted a Beauty Bash at our Fort Worth office. It was a night full of delicious food and drinks, skincare demos, special discounts, and a holiday trunk show by India Hicks. In case you missed this special event, we wanted to share with you the top five reasons why we love Beauty Bash. We hope to see you at the next one!